OUR PROCESS: TOURING VISUALS CREATIONFilament Productions consults with our clients to determine their objectives, budget, and target audience. Once the overall goals have been defined and documented, we begin by developing a detailed plan that helps guide each phase of the process. The plan outlines key deliverable dates and references any dependencies, such as review timeframes and approvals. Filament assigns a project manager and director to oversee the production and serve as a point of contact.


bulb IDEATION We listen to the live music and brainstorm to generate creative ideas individually and as a group. We all come back together to pitch our ideas and decide on the best one collectively. shotlist TREATMENT The creative director writes a treatment or synopsis of the idea to present initially to the client.
pen SHOT LIST This is used to pre-visualize what the video is going to look like. This outlines the individual scenes of the production as well as the visuals, locations, cast members, props, costumes, makeup, and special effects. easel STORYBOARDS More detailed storyboards will be created for complex and abstract shoots.


location LOCATION We scout locations for the best possible background settings for the project. Locations are assessed according to their overall aesthetic value, cost, logistical feasibility, utilities, and ease of access. Some locations may require special permission or permits. talent TALENT Talent auditions and casting occur in conjunction with location scouting, assessing talent according to appearance and ability to take direction. We hold auditions to identify and cast actors to fill each part in the video, as well as coordinate talent release forms and non-disclosure agreements.
equipment EQUIPMENT We determine the appropriate equipment based on what the treatment, script, and shot list call for—for example, super-slow-motion cameras and ultra high-definition cameras better suited for special effects. Filament provides all the necessary equipment to deliver the best quality within the budget while maintaining the creative integrity. crew CREW Each crew is different size. The crew can consist of a director of photography, camera operators, a lighting director, gaffers, make-up artists, wardrobe, and production assistants. Filament uses mostly in-house specialists but also handles and negotiate deals with contractors who specialize in specific areas to enhance our team.
crew SCHEDULE Filament determines the dates, duration, and location of shooting. We also coordinate all travel to locations with our team, talent, and crew, keeping in mind budgets and scope. crew BUDGET Throughout the entire process of pre-production, Filament manages the negotiations with regards to the location, talent, equipment, crew, and schedule to hit approved budgets.


travel TRAVEL Filament organizes transportation and all other travel accommodations of all crew and talent. We use as much local personnel as possible to save costs. We also organize carpools to save money on gas and parking. setup SETUP Before we can bring talent in or begin shooting, we rig lights, stage props, and build any set elements required for the shoot.
shooting SHOOTING This is the actual process of rolling the camera, directing the talent, crew and camera department. Shot lists and storyboards keep shooting schedules tight and ensure adequate coverage for the project. media MEDIA MANAGEMENT Diligent organization saves time in post-production. Each type of camera has different way to capture the footage. In this step of the process we dump footage during the shoot and copy it to a centralized location where the raw footage begins to be organized to be backed up and to prepare for the editing process.
backup BACKUP Each hour on set represents almost twenty hours in planning and finishing, so we take the utmost of care in safeguarding our work by backing footage up in two separate locations. break-down BREAK-DOWN We carefully pack all equipment and make sure we return all rented equipment in original condition. We also package the footage for transport back to our post-house and footage safe off-site.


project setup PROJECT SETUP The project is organized and set-up for concurrent editing by multiple parties. This saves time when transferring the project between specialists on our team (for instance, visual effects and color), and when we come back to a project to make adjustments or re-format for a new screen layout. editing EDITING Our video editors assemble video footage according to the script and shot list. The project’s editor works in tandem with our visual effects artists to add graphics and special effects, such as motion graphics and 3D animation, to enhance the impact and style.
visual effects VISUAL EFFECTS Our visual effects artists are well-versed in creating a variety of effects, whether realistic or surreal, and are able to create high production-value effects at a fraction of the cost of practical effects. These include background removal and replacement, adding immersive 3D elements, time manipulation, and stylizing footage to seamlessly integrate with the client’s existing brand image. motion graphics MOTION GRAPHICS Not every piece of content begins its life in a camera, and Filament’s motion graphic designers have experience in creating both 2D and 3D motion graphics, both from scratch and by choreographing existing design assets into motion. These can be text, photographs, drawings, or 3D models.
color COLOR Color grading serves a dual purpose: matching footage elements which may have been shot on different locations or different days so that they look internally consistent, and manipulating the ‘look and feel’ of the color palette to enhance the emotional impact of the content in conjunction with the lighting design. quality control QUALITY CONTROL Through the process our entire team is constantly critiquing and reviewing the edit, visual consistency, and fidelity to the original specification. Every product we produce is of the highest quality possible and approved by our team.
client review CLIENT REVIEW Recognizing the investment our clients make in video production, we place a premium on meeting client expectations through multiple client feedback iterations, which are built in to every project timeline. For the most part, projects include the delivery of a rough draft, fine cut and final cut. encoding EXPORTING AND ENCODING After final client feedback has been incorporated into the video content, the final product is encoded according to the client’s requirements. During this phase of the project, we determine and deliver all of the file formats the client needs for a specified distribution channels. Whether for broadcast, live media production, web applications, YouTube, or another content delivery network, we’re experts in handling the encoding process.
backup BACKUP & STORAGE We back up all of our work and keep a copy of all our project files in the cloud. All raw media is backed up in two separate locations. We also provide our clients with a copy of the raw footage and project files on request.